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POUTNÍK JOSEF BOHUSLAV FOERSTER  Musically and literary radio-document at the occasion of the 150. birthday of the composer and writer (Premiere 25.1.2009 and reiteration)

SUKOVY Křečovice  Remembrance concert by the festival Prague spring (29.5.2011)

HEINRICH RIETSCH  Concert with unknown works by the composer at the musicologic conference (26.9.2012) 

FENÊTRE AU CIEL Concert with exhibition about the correspondance of Bohuslav Martinůs widow Charlotte Martinů in here last years (16.12.2012) 

CONCERT at the 62. day of Josef Bohuslav Foerster's death (28.5.2013)

RECITAL WITH SONGS OF CZECH COMPOSERS in Munich and Regensburg (22./23.10.2013) Vienna Wien (3.3.2014), Prague (15.3.2014) and Leipzig (29.3.2014)

SUK'S MUSICAL ŠTIŘÍN / SUKŮV HUDEBNÍ ŠTIŘÍNin the year of Czech music (20.4.2014), see programme

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